The Directors first mission into Albania was a delightful surprise. They went into a maternity hospital to distribute medical needs for the patients. While there, knowing that the Directors represented a Christian organization, the maternity patients asked if the Directors had Bibles for them. Though this is one of the least populated countries in the Balkans the people are receptive to hear the Word and to be helped.

College Education for Outstanding Students

Since September 2003, The Outreach has awarded scholarships to outstanding students in Bulgaria who graduated from its secondary schools. Currently, four such students are so honored and supported at the Bible University and one at the law school in Sofia.
Four Albanian students have been supported at the Greek Bible Institute near Athens, Greece. The first student graduated in June 2003.
Currently, two students are at American universities and a Macedonian woman at Anatolia College in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Scholarships and/or Financial Assistance

Preschool children during creative art time

Scholarships and/or Financial Assistance for Children and Young People Enrolled in Pre-School Through Higher Education

  • Aid is given to pre-school children in Bulgaria and The Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), primary education through adult and higher education students in Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, The Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Serbia.
  • Funds are provided for school supplies, transportation, lunch and, in some cases, breakfast as well, in the poorer areas.
  • School facility rental and repair and teacher salaries are provided, in some cases.
  • It takes $30 per month or $360 a year for every pre-collegiate learner.

Summer Camp in Southern Albania

A volunteer leading a Bible study class

The Summer Camp in Southern Albania each July is jointly sponsored by the Greek Evangelical Church-Synod and The Macedonian Outreach.

  • Two to six Outreach volunteers have participated each summer.
  • The Outreach provides half of the funds to prepare for church youth camp.
  • The Outreach may also supply food, medicine, clothing, eating supplies and Bibles for the camp attendees.
  • In each of the past three summers, seven teenagers have committed their lives to Christ Jesus.

“Albanian Camps” – Video

Learn more about the Youth Camps sponsored by The Outreach in Albania.