Greece is the only Balkan country that was not under communism, but its people are one of the least to welcome the Gospel. Yet, this is where the European Headquarters were established. The spiritual needs in Greece still remain great.

College Education for Outstanding Students

  • Since September 2003, The Outreach has awarded scholarships to outstanding students in Bulgaria who graduated from its secondary schools. Currently, four such students are so honored and supported at the Bible University and one at the law school in Sofia.
  • Four Albanian students have been supported at the Greek Bible Institute near Athens, Greece. The first student graduated in June 2003.
  • Currently, two students are at American universities and a Macedonian woman at Anatolia College in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Food, Shelter, Clothing within Greece

This project covers only a portion of the two million refugees within Greece [now a nation of 11 million people as the result of the Bosnian, Kosovo and Iraqi wars and the Albanian, Georgian and Russian civil wars]. Additionally. other immigrants are being helped so that they can be rehabilitated in their new homeland.

  • In Thessaloniki, The Outreach helps support the Soup Kitchen for homeless.
  • In Xanthi, Armenian refugees are assisted and monthly rent is paid for use of the church facilities.
  • In the Athens area, The Macedonian Outreach works with different Christian families and groups in caring especially for the homeless refugees—providing food, and clothing, and Bibles and Jesus videos in their own language.
  • In Romania, over thirty cities and villages receive food and clothing, including street and homeless children and families.

Helping Hands

A Christian outreach to give aid to thousands of refugees in the Athens area. The director is an American and English educated ordained Greek pastor pictured below.

The Macedonian Outreach financially supports the food program on a monthly basis and supplies Bibles, Christian literature, Jesus videos and clothing on a regular basis.

             Preparing food for refugees

               Director (at left) greeting
               refugees at mealtime

Financial Support for Orphans Throughout Greece and Serbia, Varying in Cost from $50 to $60 per Month

Scholarships and/or Financial Assistance

Preschool children during creative arts time

Scholarships and/or Financial Assistance for Children and Young People Enrolled in Pre-School Through Higher Education

Aid is given to pre-school children in Bulgaria and The Republic of Macedonia (FYROM), primary education through adult and higher education students in Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, The Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Serbia.
Funds are provided for school supplies, transportation, lunch and, in some cases, breakfast as well, in the poorer areas.
School facility rental and repair and teacher salaries are provided, in some cases.
It takes $30 per month or $360 a year for every pre-collegiate learner.